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New software tool launched for staff, faculty travel

Aug. 17, 2016

A new software tool called Kuali Travel Expense Module, or TEM for short, is replacing Travel@IU, the university’s current travel platform for faculty and staff.


IU's new travel system is available to all as of Aug. 1.

Beginning June 1, pilot users throughout the IU community were given the ability to initiate travel documents in the new system. Those users then provided feedback to Travel Management Services and the UITS development team.

Now, as of Aug. 1, the new system is available to all travelers at IU.

Employees are encouraged to begin using Kuali Travel for all of their travel needs. Travel@IU will be available through October, but employees are encouraged to begin using it now to ensure they are familiar with it before Travel@IU retires.

Because the new travel system is based on the Kuali Financial System, it has the same look and feel of KFS, making it easier to use for those familiar with it. There are also several new features that allow the user to enter more information to provide additional fiscal accountability.

To date, Travel Management Services has conducted training sessions across all IU campuses, reaching more than 1,025 users of Travel@IU.

Missed your training session or have questions? Taped sessions of the "TEM Overview Training" are available online. An additional training resource called "Travel On Demand Documentation," or TODD, featuring step-by-step instructions for completing various trips in the new travel program is also available online.

Additional information about the new system, including ongoing functional development, is available online

For more information contact Travel Management Services at 812-855-2873 or via email at TravelBL@indiana.edu.    

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