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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Sept. 28, 2016

Pride of Indiana is a regular feature in Inside IU that allows IU faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues for IU-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities.

Submit a Pride of Indiana shout-out for a colleague who makes a difference in your department.

Thank you to the following IU employees:

pride of indiana

"Pride of Indiana" recognizes faculty and staff for their IU-related work that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities. | GRAPHIC BY HEATHER FARMER

IU Bloomington

Lana Fish, of Psychological and Brain Sciences, whose nominator wrote: "Lana has been here in the offices of the department a long, long time, and we dread the day she retires. When I was a graduate student, she was a helpful and friendly face as I negotiated the intricacies of my lab employment, and now that I am on the faculty, she is a colleague I cherish. Every day I talk with Lana is a brighter day. She truly is the Pride of Indiana!"

Cindy Wedemeyer, of the Education Leadership Program, whose nominator wrote: "Cindy Wedemeyer provides so much invisible labor to our program. Sure, we are aware and appreciate the many tasks we ask her to assist with, but there are so many more that she is called upon to do that faculty members are unaware of. She answers countless emails and phone calls from current and prospective students and she tracks down information to help them with their inquiries. This is merely one example of the behind-the-scenes work that is vital to ensure our program runs smoothly. Plus, Cindy provides assistance with such a kind, friendly attitude. In sum, she is the consistent and conscientious glue that makes our program as great as it is!"

Olga Bueva, of the Summer Language Workshop, whose nominator wrote: "Olga has fully transformed the administration of the Summer Language Workshop by regularizing all procedures and in the process has developed amazing relationships with colleagues and partners across campus who are now happy and eager to help. She's become the backbone of our whole operation and we couldn't do it without her. Thank you, thank you, Olga!"

Megan Wallace, of the College of Arts and Sciences IT Office, whose nominator wrote: "I'd like to thank Megan for her unfailing professionalism, sense of humor, attention to detail and awesome supervisory skills. She's key to the excellent achievements of our part-time staff. Also, she's a highly talented wrangler of lots of strong personalities of the professional IT nerds."

Breon Tyler, of East Asian Languages and Cultures Department, whose nominator wrote: "Breon Tyler is a thorough, responsible and reliable staff member. While she has been working for the department, other staff members -- including our fiscal office and student service assistant -- changed a few times. Last summer, when the department moved from the old building to GISB, she was the only viable staff members who was in the whole summer. All those times, she never complained and took a lot more responsibilities beyond her shared duties. She works in the department of about 40 faculty members with three different programs. On top of that, there are four different languages spoken daily in the department. She handles all our demands well and in such a friendly manner. I appreciate and just admire what she has done for all of us in the department, and I would like her to know that we all feel that way about her and what she does."

The Facility Operations and Carpentry team, whose nominator wrote "The Biology Department would like to thank IU carpenters Brad Bond and Randall Mobley and electricians Kelby Holsapple and Kevin Young, plus others who may have worked on the project. They did a fantastic job of installing new doors and relevant equipment in Jordan Hall. The work is significant because they officially welcome students and visitors to Jordan Hall off of Third Street. The new doors create a more open and inviting atmosphere. They finished way ahead of schedule and were very courteous to students, faculty and staff. We were worried that the work wouldn’t get done before graduation, but they finished in plenty of time."


Jill Kruse, of the School of Medicine, whose nominator wrote: "I'm fairly new to IU and the School of Medicine, but Jill has been such a faithful guide and friend to me as I've adjusted to my new surroundings and position. She is bright and encouraging and always down for a chat, which everyone in our area knows. We are lucky to have her as a co-worker -- she doesn't rest until a job is done well!"

Jeff Hostetler, of the School of Informatics and Computing, whose nominator wrote: "It is a pleasure to work with Jeff because of his willing spirit and positive outlook in any given situation. He is always willing to assist where needed and his sense of humor makes my day! I would like to thank him for being the wonderful person he is and for always helping me with a smile! Thanks for all that you do! Your dedication to the office is greatly appreciated."

Nichole McCollum, of the Center for Global Health, whose nominator wrote: "Nichole is a great asset to the IU Center for Global Health! She goes the extra mile in her work around the office, volunteering for new projects and inspiring her co-workers. Nichole is always super fast in her turnaround time with deliverables and is very detailed in her work. We would all be lost without her!"

Courtney Abshire, of the Department of Political Science, whose nominator wrote: "Courtney Abshire has been juggling successfully the dual demands of being an office coordinator and a student for several years now. She is soon leaving her job as office coordinator, which will be a blow to our departments, as she has been a valuable worker in this position. But our regrets are eclipsed by the happiness we feel from sharing in the excitement of her transition. She is about to graduate with an MPA from SPEA and will be starting law school in the fall. The Pride of Indiana is not about holding onto what we have now, but about taking joy in all that grows and comes to fruition. We are inspired by Courtney as she pursues her goals and moves on in her journey."

IU Northwest

Kelly Zieba, of the School of Education, whose nominator wrote: "Thank you Kelly for 10 years of service to the School of Education at IUN!"

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