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Health care tax form 1095-C: Electronic delivery available

Dec. 14, 2016

Each year, IU is responsible for providing certain information on IRS Form 1095-C to anyone who was a full-time employee or enrolled in an IU health care plan for at least one month in the year. This annual statement can be delivered on paper or in an electronic format. By default, this statement will be mailed to your home address.

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Save time and resources by signing up to receive your 1095-C statement electronically.

Just like the W-2, you can save paper and time by signing up to receive your 1095-C statement online.

 If you choose electronic delivery, you will receive a message in your IU email account when the statement is available to view and download. A paper copy of the statement will not be mailed to you, unless you specifically request it.

How to enroll

There are two ways to access electronic delivery consent; both require log-in with an IU network ID and passphrase:

  1. Visit the 1095-C Electronic Consent task page or go to one.iu.edu and search for "1095-C Electronic Consent."
  1. Visit the Payroll & Tax section of the Employee Center or go to one.iu.edu and search for "Employee Center." Look for the button to edit your 1095-C Online Delivery preference under the "Tax Information" heading on the right side of the page.

Questions and assistance

For more information about Form 1095-C and how it might affect you, visit Human Resources' 1095-C page or email IU1095C@iu.edu.

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