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Data Sharing and Handling tool provides customized guidance

Mar. 1, 2017

The IU Data Stewards have launched the new Data Sharing and Handling tool. It is available to assist users in understanding how to share and handle institutional data. 

screenshot of data screen

IU's new data sharing and handling tool is meant to assist users in understanding how to share and handle institutional data. | PHOTO COURTESY OF PROTECT IU

The tool will allow users to query data guidance and best practices based on four factors:

  • Domain: Examples include Student, Purchasing, Financial, Health, etc.
  • Subdomain: Examples include Patient, Donor Trade Secret, Admission Records, etc.
  • Data Classification: Options include Public, University-internal, Restricted and Critical.
  • What the user wants to do with the data: Options include Share/send, Store, Use and Dispose).

This tool streamlines information retrieval and consolidates important information from several sources, saving you the time and frustration of piecing information together on your own. 

Information sources include: 

One of the most anticipated functions of this tool is its ability to show which storage locations and storage services might be appropriate to store data from whatever subdomains a user specifies. In some complex cases (especially in the “Health” domain), users may be referred to their department’s IT professional, but more often than not, various commonly used solutions will be named.

Users will appreciate how user-friendly the Data Sharing and Handling tool is. Until now, a user would have to read the Data Classification Matrix (an Excel spreadsheet) to find out how data is classified, and then cross-reference classification with the tables in the Knowledge Base article mentioned above. The new tool greatly simplifies and accelerates this process. After providing three or four pieces of information and one quick click on a single page, users likely have the information they needed. 

The data tool does not replace the sources from which its guidance originates; it merely helps tie them together. 

Visit the Data Management at IU site to access the new Data Sharing and Handling tool.

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