Editor's Picks


  • Going the distance

    Two IU student entrepreneurs have created a company aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of distance learning.

  • A healthier world

    The IU Simon Cancer Center's director has realized his dream of better cancer care in Kenya.

  • Hidden bias?

    New IU research suggests college students have been affected by varied predictions of success based on how they perform on standardized tests.

  • Grand Challenges

    Five teams have been selected to submit proposals for the most ambitious research program in IU's history.

  • Grand Challenges

    "We have learned a lot from other programs, but I think IU's differs in several important ways," Vice President for Research Fred Cate said.

  • Celebrating students

    IU Bloomington will host the 21st IU Undergraduate Research Conference on Nov. 20.

  • Research network

    Both IU South Bend and IU Bloomington have connections to the recent winners of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.

  • Science literacy

    IU Southeast's James Hollenbeck will spend a semester in Canada as an Ontario-based university's first Fulbright Research Chair.

  • New policy

    Find out what you need to know about IU's new laboratory safety policy.

  • International expert

    IU Northwest's Kalim Shah will serve as lead author for a section of the U.N.'s Global Environmental Outlook report.

  • 'First flower'

    IU paleobotanist David Dilcher and colleagues in Europe have identified a 125 million- to 130 million-year-old freshwater plant as one of earliest flowering plants on Earth.

  • 'A major leap'

    IU's Mark Messier recently discussed the first results of a major, multi-institutional investigation into the mysterious behavior of neutrinos.

  • The big picture

    IU researchers are taking part in a challenge to use LinkedIn data to solve some of society’s most challenging economic problems.

  • Culture of curiosity

    The first issue of the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research is now available, featuring contributors from IU Kokomo, IUPUI and IU Bloomington.

  • Collaborative awards

    IU researchers from eight schools on three campuses will share over $1 million in grant funding.

  • Merchant's Garden

    Winners of this year's BEST competition include a model for bringing environmentally friendly, off-season produce to urban environments.

  • Rx for fragile X

    An alliance of U.S. and Austrian drug companies will co-develop and market an IU-licensed treatment for fragile X syndrome.

  • Manipulation mechanism

    IU School of Medicine researchers have identified a new way the parasite may modify brain cells, possibly helping explain changes in the behavior of mice -- and humans.

  • 'Political eye-poking'

    Could Congress’ standing with the public fall even further in 2015, or are there prospects for improvement?

  • Battling bacteria

    IU researchers have been awarded a major grant to develop a "new weapon" in the fight against antibiotic resistance.