Editor's Picks


  • DNA Intelligence

    Susan Walsh, a forensic geneticist in the School of Science at IUPUI, has been awarded a $1.1 million grant to develop and improve "DNA intelligence" tools that will help forensic scientists determine physical appearance information.

  • IU at work

    The federal government has awarded IU a $6 million grant to continue a project that measures levels of airborne toxic chemicals being deposited to the Great Lakes.

  • International insight

    An IU-led research team has been awarded an NIH grant to study HPV and cervical cancer in Kenyan women with HIV/AIDS.

  • Student experience

    The latest National Survey of Student Engagement results reveal few relationships between college selectivity and student-faculty interaction.

  • Shaking things up

    A 140-station seismic network has helped IU geologists identify a new seismic zone near the Illinois-Missouri border.

  • Research engine

    A $7 million initiative will bring together IU's top minds to explore complex networks.

  • Project Safe Neighborhoods

    IU Northwest is collaborating with three police agencies and the U.S. Attorney's Office to help reduce gun violence.

  • Show me the money

    Requests for proposals are sought for the 2014-15 Collaborative Research Grants program.

  • Innovative idea

    IU South Bend student Abdal Elhassani is a finalist in a NASA competition on how to use climate projection and Earth-observing data.

  • Studying behavior

    What do skipping school, failing tests and engaging in risky sexual behavior have in common? Lots, according to Indiana University researchers who combed through 80,000 daily reports written by 14- to 17-year-old girls.

  • Leading the way

    The IU Simon Cancer Center has been selected as one of only 30 sites in the country to lead cancer clinical trials in a new national network.

  • Assembling molecules

    A paper by IU chemists demonstrating the 'bricks-and-mortar' assembly of new molecular structures will appear in an upcoming issue of Chemical Communications.

  • Proposals sought

    Apply for research funding from the new IU Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics and Society.

  • 'River of Hope'

    IU Southeast professor Elizabeth Gritter traveled to Memphis and worked alongside civil rights leaders to prepare for her book, which was published by the University Press of Kentucky.

  • Wonder of wonders

    IU's new ethics consortium is offering funding for faculty research on the theme of wonder. The deadline for proposals is Sept. 1, 2014

  • What makes a leader?

    IU Kokomo professor Todd Bradley recently presented his research on leadership at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference.

  • Taking a stand

    Sharon Moe urged Congress to spur scientific innovation in kidney research through federal prize competitions.

  • 'Regulating Passion'

    An IU Southeast faculty member's new book explores sexuality in early America. Enter to win the book.

  • Sci-fi view

    IU School of Medicine physicians recently became the first in Indiana to perform a surgery using Google Glass.

  • Stalemates vs. policies

    A new study by IU's Kelley School of Business shows political gridlock affects the economy more than policies.