Editor's Picks


  • What's love got to do with it?

    A first-of-its-kind study explores the connection between love and sex among gay and bisexual men in the U.S.

  • Flock mentality

    A new IU study found that imitators, rather than innovators, are often more likely to pave the way to problem-solving success.

  • Life on Mars

    Two IU Bloomington scientists contributed to recently published papers that show Mars once possessed conditions needed to support life.

  • Blocking the pain

    Research involving grasshopper mice and poisonous scorpions offers clues for ways to help develop better strategies for treating pain.

  • Electron Microscopy Center

    A new center based in Bloomington is open for use by all campuses and beyond.

  • Membership benefits

    IUAA members have free online access to more than 2,000 academic journals.

  • Nobel Prize

    IU researchers contributed to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery that the Higgs boson particle exists.

  • Is your boss a bully?

    ... Or are you an "entitled employee"? IU Southeast shares research on office personalities.

  • Trend watching

    Urban Outfitters and Zara are popular on college campuses, finds a new Fashion Innovation Index survey created in part by the Kelley School.

  • In the lab

    IU Kokomo students are conducting research for class credit through an NSF grant.

  • Stem cell advance

    IU scientists have transformed mouse embryonic stem cells into key inner-ear structures.

  • Studying schizophrenia

    An IU School of Medicine researcher is part of a program to find new uses for old drugs.

  • Field experience

    IU Kokomo students act as urban geologists for an intensive, three-week class.

  • Dark matter

    IU South Bend faculty, students, local scientists and teachers are playing a part in groundbreaking experiments on dark matter.

  • Million dollar gifts

    A new IU-CSS study shows that gifts of $1 million or more typically come from donors who live in the same state or region as the nonprofit.

  • Beer & the brain

    IU research shows that the taste of beer can trigger dopamine release in the brain -- without any effect from alcohol itself.

  • Eighth-grade excellence

    A CEEP report shows that Indiana eighth-graders outperform much of the world in math and science.

  • Diabetic eye research

    NIH funding puts researchers on the path to restoring vision loss from diabetic eye disease.

  • Invisible toxin

    Recent research from IUPUI shows that kids living in urban areas are exposed to elevated levels of toxic lead n the summer.

  • Analyzing crime stats

    Police and emergency agencies in Northwest Indiana now have access to sophisticated statistical analysis methods.