Editor's Picks


  • Faith & Giving trends

    An IU study shows that the age of attendees and clergy members' attention to giving are key factors in a congregation's financial health.

  • Blood-alcohol test

    An IU researcher has earned a grant to study whether a blood test can detect heavy drinking.

  • Pass the nachos?

    An IU expert discusses the FDA regulations ignoring calorie transparency at sporting events.

  • Roe v. Wade at 40

    Forty years later, IU experts comment on the changing nature of abortion as an issue in American public life.

  • Real-world impact

    IU South Bend students are working with local fruit tree growers to diagnose tree viruses.

  • Federal trademark error

    An IU Kelley professor's research on an error lead to an overturn in a federal trademark statute.

  • Science of Pokemon

    IU brain scientists challenge the theory of face recognition through a Pokemon study.

  • 'Abominable mystery'

    New IU research sheds new light on the mystery of the sudden appearance and rapid spread of flowering plants in the fossil record.

  • Treating obesity

    Targeted peptide-estrogen combination found effective and safe for treating obesity in mice

  • Addictive behavior

    Negatively framed messages may not be an effective way to reach those most in need of persuasion.

  • Maximizing light

    An IU-led team uncovers a process for chameleon-like changes in world's most abundant phytoplankton.

  • IU undergrad conference

    IUPUI will host a statewide conference for IU undergrads from eight IU campuses.

  • Filming bacterial life

    IU scientists led a team whose discoveries could lead to the development of new antibiotics.

  • IU's AAAS members

    President McRobbie is among the newly inducted class of American Academy of Arts and Sciences members.

  • Mean on the Screen

    An IU study targets social bullying on children's TV programs.

  • Ecology of water

    An IU professor's book explores the political ecology of water in South American port cities.

  • The big picture

    IU Astronomy, Pervasive Technology Institute get the 'big picture' with collaboration on new camera

  • Anchorman

    Who was TV's first anchorman? IU professor's research finds it wasn't Walter Cronkite (or Ron Burgundy).

  • Brain injury network

    IU School of Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana is a Traumatic Brain Injury Model System site.

  • Biobanking research

    Kenyan scientists learned about advances in specimen storage and biobanking at IU School of Medicine.