Editor's Picks


  • Hoarders: electronics edition

    Find out how to recycle your ancient electronics through IU Surplus -- and make extra money for your department.

  • Time-tracking system

    IU's Kuali Time @ IU will go live Sunday, Jan. 12. The software will improve usability and functionality for 20,000 users at all campuses.

  • Eye-tracking data

    Using episodes of the TV show "The Office," IU researchers studied gaze patterns in adults with autism.

  • One is all you need

    OneStart is now "One" -- a more streamlined path to IU services in an app store format.

  • Go.IU customizable

    IU employees can now create customizable URLS through the university's web site-shortening service.

  • Inauguration ceremony

    Peter Lee of Microsoft will speak at the inauguration of IU's School of Informatics and Computing.

  • Classroom upgrades

    More classrooms at IUPUI and IU Bloomington have more reliable, accessible Wi-Fi.

  • Stay social

    Social media accounts for all IU campuses can be accessed in one convenient location.

  • Innovative IU

    IU's invention disclosures have nearly doubled over the past three years.

  • Software: TNG

    IU will take the lead in a Defense Department effort to secure software-defined networks.

  • IU online classes

    Learn the distinction between IU's "online all," "online interactive" and "hybrid" classes.

  • Global gold

    Courseload, Inc. and IU were recently recognized as gold recipients in the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Learning Impact Awards.

  • Sex app

    The Kinsey Institute and School of Informatics have re-released an app for anonymous reporting of sexual behaviors.

  • $20 million savings

    IU has saved nearly $20 million using the Kuali open source financial system.

  • Advanced networking

    IU's new NetTalk lecture series launches May 7 at IUPUI.

  • Lynda.com classes

    All IU students, staff and faculty will continue to have fee-free access to e-learning from lynda.com through June 30, 2016.

  • Assessing technologies

    IU expands learning technologies pilot with Blackboard and Desire2Learn.

  • Who needs test tubes?

    IU Northwest students were recognized for their creative use of mathematics software to demonstrate chemistry concepts.

  • IU Mobile

    The IU Mobile app has been enhanced to include benefits and payroll information.

  • Kuali is here

    Since 2005, IU has been working to build and implement the Kuali Financial System.