Editor's Picks


  • Parallel programming

    UITS is offering two free parallel programming workshops next week in Bloomington and Indianapolis.

  • Data Privacy Month

    IU offers a multimedia approach to Data Privacy Day -- now Data Privacy Month at IU -- with webinars, blogs, videos, tweets and more.

  • Instagram angst

    IU privacy expert: Don't like Instagram's new terms of service? Quit.

  • Secure your smartphone

    Is your smartphone secure? IU offers tips to keep your information safe.

  • Computer safety

    L. Jean Camp has received $2.4 million from Homeland Security to keep computer users safe.

  • Distance learning

    Technology tools have allowed students from Slovenia and IUPUI to share virtual classroom space.

  • New degree program

    IUPUI will establish a Bachelor of Science in technical communication.

  • STIM grant

    A Bay View Alliance grant will support expanded science, technology, informatics and mathematics teaching methods at IU.

  • EBay Inspire scholarships

    EBay Inspire, inspired by an IU alumunus, awards scholarships to seven female tech students.

  • Robotics challenge

    IU informatics researchers are part of a team taking part in an international robotics challenge.

  • Aspirations in Computing

    IU took part in the third annual Indiana Aspirations in Computing Award competition.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    IU's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research offers practical tips for the general public during Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

  • Big Red II

    IU will replace its Big Red supercomputer with the fastest university-owned supercomputer in the nation.

  • IceBridge

    IU developed a tool to improve NASA's polar ice mission.

  • QuakeSim is co-winner

    QuakeSim is a recipient of NASA's 2012 Software of the Year Award.

  • Great Cloud Debate

    A political campaign-style debate on cloud computing kicked off IU's annual Statewide IT Conference.

  • SCVNGR hunts

    Students and visitors to IU Bloomington and IU Southeast are learning about campus through a new mobile app.

  • The modern classroom

    IU Southeast's new Graduate Center offers the latest in classroom design and technology.

  • Homeschooling research

    An IU School of Education professor unveils a new center and website for research on homeschooling.

  • ParaView sessions

    Learn more about ParaView through sessions offered by UITS.