Weekly Features


  • Securing our future

    Junior Cleo Hernandez described her internship with the IU Office of Sustainability as "one of the most rewarding experiences for me so far."

  • In good company

    Patricia McDougall-Covin will become the second Kelley School professor to be named a current fellow of the Academy of International Business.

  • IU goes to Asia

    Get the latest news from President McRobbie and the IU delegation's travels in China and Korea.

  • Reaching new heights

    IU Bloomington student Alexea Candreva tells about her unexpected experience with IU Outdoor Adventures.

  • Monster mash

    The chupacabra, Ozark howler and skunk apes: IU Libraries' map pinpoints creature sightings across the U.S.

  • Fraud alert

    Tax season is a particularly good time to be on the lookout for phishing and identity theft scams.

  • 'Is It Legal?'

    The IU McKinney School of Law's new podcast explores a variety of topics from a legal perspective.

  • What’s true about the flu?

    Find out how much you know about the seasonal virus by taking this quiz from IU Health.

  • Constructive dialogue

    Jeannine Bell blogs about discussing "the tenacious and delicate issue of race in America" in the classroom.

  • Safety first

    Learn about IU's policy for programs involving children and what it means for university events.

  • Staving off sleeplessness

    Check out IU Health's guide for the best and worst foods to eat for a good night’s rest.

  • Emergency notifications

    Ever wondered what goes into the decision to send out an IU Notify alert? Safety Matters explains the process.

  • Just the facts

    IU offers guidance about Ebola to the general campus, travelers, custodial staff and others.

  • Inspiring entrepreneurs

    IU South Bend will host the second annual Northern Indiana Innovation Competition in November.

  • Mission accomplished

    Hear about IUSM-Fort Wayne psychologist Ronald Williams' four-month stint in a Mars simulator.

  • Read all about it

    In honor of National Literacy Month, check out IU East's literacy coaches, who are helping teach kids to read.

  • The superstar economy

    SPEA's Michael Rushton blogs about unequal earnings among working artists.

  • A veritable smorgasbord

    It's state fair time! IU School of Medicine professor Aaron Carroll eats his way through the annual event.

  • Eye on the sky

    IU Bloomington's Debbi Fletcher shares some tips on how to best endure severe summertime weather.

  • 'For some woman'

    This IU Archives blog reminds alumni to vote for University Trustee -- and shares the legendary handwritten note from IU's first female student advocating for a woman on the ballot.