Weekly Features


  • This week in Asia

    An IU delegation to Asia led by President Michael McRobbie met with officials from Waseda University in Tokyo.

  • Look before you leap

    Tracy James blogs about a recent School of Medicine study on trampoline injuries -- most common among children.

  • Drink your water

    Physician and IU Medical School faculty member Ira Means says drinking water is one of the simplest ways to improve your health.

  • pushups

    Sexual health

    Kinsey researcher Tierney Lorenz talks about the connections between exercise, sex and depression.

  • Facebook like button

    Grieving in the Facebook era

    Bloomington-based freelance writer Jennifer Richler blogs about her experience losing her mother -- and the "old-fashioned" condolences that meant more than a Facebook message.

  • Barbie

    'Post-feminist' Barbie

    Barbie is taking a new, "unapologetic" stance as she nears her 55th birthday and appears on a special edition cover of Sports Illustrated.

  • Water aerobics

    Water workouts

    A pool workout is a way to get both aerobic exercise and muscular and strength flexibility, according to fitness expert.

  • Mother and son

    Overcoming indifference

    IU School of Medicine professor Rachel Vreeman says the real barrier to helping poor families throughout the world is indifference.

  • U.S. political parties

    Party of three?

    In a new paper, IU political scientist Edward Carmines and his co-authors explain why a viable third political party is unlikely to form in America.

  • icy winter photo

    'Days of Shivery'

    Susan Williams of IU Emergency Communications Services provides ideas for winter preparedness.

  • hotel room

    Don't let the bed bugs bite

    Hotel remote controls, telephones, carpets and bedside lamp switches often contain high levels of fecal bacteria.

  • girl watching TV

    Get up off the couch

    The more time 30-somethings spend watching TV, the stiffer their arteries become, a recent study finds.

  • polarization

    Government shutdown theories

    The Atlantic and Slate cited a new study by an IU faculty member to help explain the current partial government shutdown.

  • your daughter at IU archival image

    'Your Daughter at IU'

    Among the films in the IU Libraries Film Archive: "Your Daughter at IU," which illustrates just how far education for women has come since the 1950s.

  • Ghana

    Once a Hoosier ...

    Ryan Piurek, IU's director of news and media, blogs about IU's trip to Ghana, which culminated Sept. 6.

  • Caroline Dowd-Higgins

    Ability to enchant

    Accept others, smile ... Caroline Dowd-Higgins shares tips on achieving likeability.

  • happy people laughing

    Happier, healthier

    Happiness impacts the body at the cellular level, finds a new study.

  • Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell

    World University Games

    Ryan Piurek blogs about the 13 athletes competing in the World University Games. Among them: IU basketball starts Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell.

  • sunning on beach

    Safe in the sun

    Tracy James of IU Communications shares sun-protection tips from an IU School of Medicine researcher.

  • mom and baby

    'A hormonal bath'

    Tracy James of IU Communications blogs about IU research on "new mom brain."