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IU alumni and David Anspaugh are bringing Hollywood to Bloomington

Jan. 12, 2016

A team of IU alumni is beginning production for a feature-length romantic comedy that will be filmed in late January in downtown Bloomington and near the surrounding IU campus.

“The Good Catholic” will feature Danny Glover, known for “Lethal Weapon” and “The Color Purple,” and John C. McGinley, known for his roles in the TV series “Scrubs” and Oliver Stone’s movie “Platoon.”

David Anspaugh, Paul Shoulberg and Zachary Spicer

From left, IU alumni Zachary Spicer and Paul Shoulberg and filmmaker David Anspaugh are involved in an upcoming feature-length film. | PHOTO COURTESY OF PIGASUS PICTURES

It will star 2006 IU alumnus Zachary Spicer, who hails from Greencastle, Ind. Spicer recently returned for the Indiana Festival Theatre’s summer productions of “As You Like It” and “The Gentleman From Indiana,” and has also appeared on “Gotham,” “Law and Order: SVU” and “Blue Bloods.”

David Anspaugh, director of iconic films “Rudy” and “Hoosiers,” is serving as executive producer.

The film will be produced by Pigasus Pictures, owned and operated by Spicer and fellow IU alumnus John Armstrong. A native of Brownsburg, Ind., Armstrong received his bachelor’s degree in musical theater in 2002 as well as an MFA in acting in 2007.

“We want to bring great film back to the state of Indiana,” Spicer said. ”The only way we’ve been able to put this film together is because of the great story at the heart of it all and the great people we’ve been able to get onboard because of it. To top it off, there is no better setting than the streets of Bloomington.”

“The Good Catholic” is described as a romantic comedy detailing the travails of a young idealistic priest, played by Spicer, who falls in love with a woman he meets in confession. Two older priests in his parish, played by Glover and McGinley, help him as he is forced to question everything he believes. Wrenn Schmidt, who has had lead roles in “Boardwalk Empire,” “The Americans” and the upcoming Cinemax series “Outkast” will play Jane, the strong-willed female lead.

The film was written by and will be directed by Paul Shoulberg, whose previous film “Walter” was released in 2015 with an all-star cast including William H. Macy and Virginia Madsen. Shoulberg, an IU MFA graduate, lives in Nashville, Ind., with his wife, Jen, who teaches at Bloomington’s Harmony School.

“The Good Catholic” is loosely based on Shoulberg’s life story. His father was a priest, his mother a nun; they met in the church and eventually left to have a family. Shoulberg lost his father to cancer two years ago, so he set about writing the film as a tribute.

“The Good Catholic” will film in downtown Bloomington Jan. 23 through Feb. 13. Filmmakers promise the character of Bloomington, the grandeur of IU and the pride of Hoosier basketball will be visible throughout the feature.

Senior Brielle Drelick of The Media School interned with the production. To learn more about her experience, check out her post on the "Through the Gates" blog.

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