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New Year’s resolutions from the university community

Dec. 14, 2016

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 2017. Each semester seems to pass by faster and faster.

This is my second year as an intern with the Inside IU team, and, for me, 2017 is a big year; It’s my graduation year. As a freshman, I remember being referred to as the Class of 2017, but four years seemed like a long ways off. I can say with certainty that those years have flown by faster than I expected.

As 2017 comes along, ushering with it a busy spring semester, I have set a few New Year’s resolutions for myself: Soak up as many of the different experiences IU Bloomington has to offer that I possibly can; make more time to spend with my friends before we all part ways for different parts of the country in May; and finally start that blog I’ve been saying I would for the past several years.

What are your resolutions for 2017? Here’s a look at what some familiar faces from campuses across the state have to say: 

"This coming year, I want to expand the reach of liberal arts further into our community, bringing an understanding of the breadth and depth of the human experience to bear on the problems AND promises presented to us in our individual lives and in our life together." -- Thomas J. Davis, dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI

Estefania Joseline Medina

Estefania Joseline Medina | PHOTO BY INDIANA UNIVERSITY

"Hola. I am president of the IUPUC chapter of LOVE (Latino-American Organization of Volunteers in Education). I am one of 740,000 DACA students in the United States. My New Year’s resolution is to advocate for undocumented students who were brought to the U.S. as children, have successfully completed high school and now aspire to higher education. I am proud that IU President McRobbie and Purdue President Daniels have signed the Statement in Support of the DACA Program and Undocumented Immigrant Students." -- Estefania Joseline Medina, junior criminal justice major, IUPUC

"For the last two years, I’ve resolved to learn Spanish again. For the last two years, I’ve failed to even remember my resolution after about day 12. This year may just be the year I follow through with it. Perhaps someone can remind me on Jan. 12?" -- Kelly Ryan, dean of social sciences, IU Southeast  

"My resolution for 2017 is to continue looking for the positive in every situation and enjoying each day as it comes. It's so easy to get caught up in any negativity surrounding us and not give due credit to all the good out there, the possibilities and opportunities. Also, I love Crossfit as it is an excellent way to stay healthy, get stronger and defy limitations. So I hope to do a few more competitions this year!" -- Kimberley M. Wagner, director of public relations, IPFW

Monica Johnson


"My resolution for 2017 is to continue to work toward living a balanced life. It's so easy to focus on one aspect of your life (work, school, family, self or your personal goals), but balancing all of those things is super challenging. I'm committed to living my best life, and I am convinced that balance is key." -- Monica Johnson, director, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, IU Bloomington

"In the new year, I resolve to spend more time with my wife and two daughters, get involved in more community development projects, keep in regular touch with friends and family spread across the world, and represent IU Northwest and IU to the best of my ability." -- Subir Bandyopadhyay, professor of marketing, IU Northwest 

"My 2017 resolution: successfully defend my graduate thesis, graduate in May, finish my term as trustee and then finally pursue my certification as a yoga instructor!" -- Anna Williams, IU Board of Trustees student trustee, IU Bloomington

Stephen Salisbury


"Did you know that jaguars' spots are as one-of-a-kind as snowflakes? All of us -- Jawz, Jinx, you, me -- bring valuable contributions to the table, no matter what our spots look like. 2017 is my year to get more involved on campus, meet new friends, make an impact on the community and be an example of how we all make IUPUI a great university." -- Jazzy, IUPUI mascot

"I’m stealing my resolution this year from something I read and shared on Facebook: More fun, more adventure, more sleep, more laughter. Less negative, less stress, more creating, more love." -- Ben Liechty, director of alumni relations and campus ceremonies, Office of Media and Marketing, IU Kokomo 

"My New Year's resolution is to finally get my undergraduate degree after trying to do so for the past 28 years. I hope to finish strong in the spring semester, make the Dean's List one last time and publish several research projects before graduating in May." -- Stephen Salisbury, president of the Student Government Association, IU South Bend

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