Weekly Features


  • Cutting nets

    Three IU campuses competed in the River States Conference basketball championship.

  • Physics of music

    An IU Southeast professor has co-published an interactive e-book that allows readers to see and hear sounds.

  • Speed and glory

    Find out how an IUPUI professor of social work made it into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

  • 'Mercy Street'

    An IUPUI professor who serves as an advisor for the PBS show could appear as an extra in the new season.

  • What comes next

    As we approach 2017, some members of our university community share their New Year's resolutions.

  • Stories with purpose

    Jomo Mutegi, an IUPUI professor, pens children's books in his free time to connect his research with real-world issues.

  • History found

    Lost World War II memorabilia was returned to a family thanks to the director of IU Veterans Support Services.

  • Rent-a-plant

    When her IUPUC colleagues began swatting at pesky gnats, Barbara Hass Jacobus offered a unique solution.

  • Doubling potential

    IU Northwest couple Myriam and Chris Young are paying it forward with a philanthropy campaign.

  • Helping out

    IUPUI's Office of Sustainability collected nearly 900 pounds of bottle caps to create a picnic table for local kids.

  • Building connections

    IU Southeast is finding success by bringing faculty and students together through a mentoring program.

  • New beginnings

    IU Southeast nursing students recently spent time serving residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

  • Going for gold

    IU is making its mark on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio in more ways than one.

  • Building relationships

    A successful faculty mentoring pilot program at IUPUC will grow this academic year.

  • Global engagement

    An IU Southeast team took water purifiers to Ecuador to help earthquake victims as part of an annual program.

  • Proving innocence

    A wrongfully convicted man is now free from prison thanks to IUPUI professor Fran Watson and her students.

  • Creating awareness

    Two IU Southeast seniors spent the past year examining aspects of human trafficking in the Kentuckiana region.

  • Saturday School

    An IU Southeast program helps young Japanese nationals stay in touch with their native language and culture.

  • Global reach

    Explore IU's activity all over the world with the help of a new interactive digital map.

  • Did you know?

    An IUPUI library archivist's original research has become a tell-all book on Civil War government spying.