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Get a sneak peek at plans for IUPUI's University Place

Dec. 12, 2012

This video provides plans for and artistic renderings of the future of University Place.

Construction began earlier this month on the IUPUI building. It will one day provide 560 beds for student housing, the campus' first dining hall, 15 new classroom spaces and 386 additional parking spaces.

Construction will all be internal, so there will be no disruption on the exterior of the building.

In January, the new classroom space will become part of the campus' roster. Plans call for the dining hall to be operational in summer 2013 and for residents to move in before classes being in fall 2013.

Skip through the 18-minute-long video to your favorite topic by scrolling to the time stamps below:

  • Residence hall: 1:45
  • Dining hall: 6:40
  • Classrooms: 10:56
  • Events and meeting space: 12:50
  • Parking: 14:45
  • Closing/summary: 15:59

Find IUPUI's master plan here.

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