Weekly Features


  • 'It's On Us'

    IUPUI student Kirat Sandhu recently shared the Oscars stage with Lady Gaga and other survivors of sexual abuse.

  • Diabetes prevention

    A new study through the IU School of Medicine suggests that Weight Watchers could help prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes for those with prediabetes.

  • True story

    Students took part in two days of workshops led by visiting instructors from the renowned Moth Radio Hour.

  • Growing and learning

    In honor of National Mentoring Month, representatives of an IU Southeast center discuss why good guidance matters.

  • Academic anniversary

    For IU Southeast, 2016 is an ongoing celebration of 75 years of providing quality education for the region.

  • Reaching out

    IU Bloomington students gained real-world experience writing grants for community organizations.

  • Big data

    IPFW's Beomjin Kim discusses his game-changing research that's helping to make understanding complex sets of data possible.

  • Competitive environment

    IU South Bend men's golf captain CJ Kowalski started late to the sport but is making up for lost time.

  • Meet the medievalist

    The past is very much alive for IPFW's Damian Fleming, whose research focuses on ancient religious texts.

  • Celebrating 70 years

    In honor of IU Kokomo's anniversary, take a look back at the history of the campus.