New universitywide financial system coming in February

Jan. 9, 2013

IU will launch a new financial system in February, one that makes use of newer Web-based, open-source technology and replaces the Financial Information System (FIS) and Electronic Procurement and Invoicing Center (EPIC). 

KFS logo

The Kuali Financial System, or KFS, is a comprehensive suite of functionality that will serve all of the university's financial business needs. The system's design is based upon the proven functionality of FIS and EPIC.

The Kuali project started more than five years ago as a community source initiative. Kuali is a rewrite of FIS and EPIC, but unlike the FIS, Kuali is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. 

More than 16 institutions have participated in the rewrite of the system, which will be implemented across the country at other institutions of higher education. Several institutions, such as Colorado State University and Cornell, have already implemented Kuali.

The conversion will begin at the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 15. At that time, the FIS and EPIC will be taken down. Once the conversion is complete, FIS and EPIC users will begin using Kuali for all financial transactions or procurement activities.

KFS training has been ongoing for several months and will continue through and after the implementation. 

For more information about training, visit the KFS training site.   

For more information on KFS, visit IU's KFS website.

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