Campus Commute shuttle service adds option to reserve seating

Jan. 14, 2015

Monday marked the official launch of the new Campus Commute service, which offers daily bus trips for people traveling between IUPUI and IU Bloomington.

A partnership between IU and GO Express Travel, the intercampus shuttle had a soft launch Dec. 1. Since then, an option for reserve seating has been added, in addition to an IU discount for employees who reserve a seat using an IU code.

Go Express bus

Since Campus Commute's soft launch Dec. 1, an option for reserve seating has been added, in addition to an IU discount for employees who reserve a seat using an IU code.

“We felt like the reservation option was essential for business travel,” said Kent McDaniel, transportation liaison and demand manager for the Bloomington campus. “GO Express Travel wanted to keep costs down but was able to add that option for only a $1.50 surcharge, and we were very happy to accept that offer. They have been very flexible and cooperative throughout this process.”

The intercampus shuttle will make four trips from each campus Monday through Friday. IU Bloomington shuttle stops are at the Indiana Memorial Union circle drive and the northwest corner of Memorial Stadium’s Purple Lot (Gate10 off of the 45/46 Bypass). Indianapolis stops will be at the IUPUI Campus Center and the Indiana Statehouse. A full schedule is available online

One-way ticket prices vary:

  • $7 -- In advance at the JagTag Office in the IUPUI Campus Center or by IU employees on the Campus Commute website using the discount code.
  • $8.50 -- IU employees can buy a reserved seat online using the discount code.
  • $10 -- Online at campuscommute.com or on the bus.
  • $11.50 -- Reserved seats online at campuscommute.com or on the bus.

Only credit cards will be accepted for tickets purchased on the bus.  

Those who purchase tickets online should print out an email confirmation to present to the shuttle driver and remember to keep a copy for reimbursement.

Shuttles are handicap accessible, and amenities include Wi-Fi access, DirecTV, electrical outlets, reclining seats, lavatory services and DoubleMap, a real-time interactive map to help riders track the buses. 

Dawn Rhodes, IUPUI’s vice chancellor for administration and finance who was instrumental in helping get the shuttle up and running, thinks the shuttle will offer significant advantages to faculty, staff, students and administrators who must travel.

“The focus is really on sustainability,” she said. “The intercampus shuttle idea was generated from the motivation to be sustainable with potential savings being a byproduct. The shuttle will allow faculty, staff and students to travel safely between the two campuses and use their time productively in a comfortable environment, all while reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy.” 

More information about the intercampus shuttle is available online. 

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