Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • Vannary Kong, IUPUI

    The senior landed her dream internship with the United Nations, working alongside people from around the world.

  • Emily Wheelock, IUPUI

    Want to show IU love in iPhone messages? There's an app for that now thanks to an IU Communications intern.

  • MORE program, IU Northwest

    Meet the six students selected to participate in the Minority Opportunity for Reserach Experience program.

  • Ryan DesCamp, IU School of Medicine

    He'll serve on a new wellness committee for the American Academy of Emergency Medicine-Resident Student Association.

  • Timothy Huber, IU Northwest

    The senior recently hit a personal milestone: Qualifying for an international triathlon championship.

  • Sneha Dave, IU Bloomington

    The freshman founded her own nonprofit to help teens with chronic diseases feel connected.

  • Ted Britton, IU Bloomington

    Meet the Marine who navigated academic life with help from IU's Peer Advisors for Veteran Education program.

  • Trey Smagur, IU Bloomington

    The tenor will take on a new role in "Madama Butterfly," which will be performed in Bloomington and Indianapolis.

  • Mark Jallayu, IU Southeast

    This student hopes a degree in political science from IU will be the first step toward becoming president of Liberia.

  • David Cool, IUPUC

    For this biology student, collecting bugs in Belize is a great way to enjoy the summer.

  • Crafting excellence

    Get to know the two fine arts students from IU Southeast who have been accepted into two national exhibitions.

  • Brooke Runyon, IU Kokomo

    The cross country runner was selected for the Red Cross/NAIA Collegiate Leadership Program.

  • Shelley Tinnel, IU Northwest

    Meet the soon-to-be nurse who persevered through several difficult life changes to obtain her degree.

  • Gabby Atkison-Flynn, IPFW

    The senior has been counting the days until she can join Alpha Sigma Alpha, the campus's new sorority.

  • IU Journal of Undergraduate Research

    Students from three IU campuses are featured in the latest issue of the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research.

  • Ryan Taylor Cannon, IU Southeast

    "I feel the magic of language learning is that it acts as a key to opening a door to a new culture," the Fulbright English Teacher Assistant said.

  • Brandon Karcher, IU Northwest

    "Being at the same school as medical students taught me you must be professional, hard-working, and compassionate to best treat your patients," the biology major said.

  • Abigail Blake, IU East

    Meet the biochemistry major whose internship at a local winery turned into a part-time job.

  • Emily Storkman, IUPUI

    "I have always had a passion for helping others, which drew me to nursing," said the IUPUI Honors College senior.

  • Torie Gilland and Casey Cooley, IUPUC

    The mechanical engineering classmates used their capstone project to improve car seat safety.