Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • International student teachers

    Three IU Kokomo students will spend the next few months in New Zealand.

  • Lisa Christensen, IU Northwest

    The junior established IU Northwest's first Public Relations Student Society of America chapter.

  • Spencer Krhin, IU Kokomo

    "I feel like I owe all of my achievements to my grandmother," said the senior psychology major and basketball player.

  • Sparks in the lab

    An IU Kokomo couple was recently engaged -- with a Lord of the Rings twist -- in the physics lab where they met.

  • Food drive

    Student groups from IUPUI and IU Kokomo joined efforts to collect canned goods for Indiana tornado victims.

  • Javier Vasquez, IU Kokomo

    A cross-country runner, Vasquez is the first IU Kokomo athlete to qualify for national competition.

  • Ikechukwu Okafo, IU Northwest

    "My actual calling is to not just stand aside from the health care fray," said Okafo, a medical student.

  • Ribbon Warriors

    Members of a new IU Kokomo student group hope to raise awareness about cancer.

  • Neal Shah, IU Northwest

    The IU School of Medicine-NW student went on a medical mission to the Himalayan Mountain region.

  • Stacie O'Flaherty, IU Kokomo

    It's back to school for the returning student, 52, who is enrolled in the campus's Change to Education program.

  • Kerry Shotwell, IU Northwest

    The 41-year-old dad of three is returning to college after 20 years.

  • Kyle Golloway, IU Kokomo

    The Kokomo native, an undergrad, is part of a champion power soccer team for wheelchair users.

  • Bob Cassady, IU South Bend

    They never met, but the med student's great-grandfather played an unexpected role in his scholarship.

  • Kyla Cox, IUPUI

    The IU Bloomington employee and 2013 "10 Under 40" honoree is pursuing a master's degree through IUPUI.

  • Dana Hines, IUPUI

    "I've found my calling," said the doctoral student in nursing.

  • Andrew Jones, IU Kokomo

    "I've always loved reading and writing," said the recent graduate, who aspires to be a writer.

  • Felix Marquez, IU South Bend

    Without intervention from his mother, the recent graduate would have ended up in the El Salvador army instead of graduating last week.

  • Sarah Duis, IU South Bend

    The undergrad communication studies major has been selected as a summer correspondent for USA Today College.

  • Erin Murphy, IPFW

    Student-athlete recently graduated from IPFW in three years.

  • Ryan Doughty, IU East

    The recent IU East graduate, a Chancellor's Scholar and book author, helped lead his Enactus team to regional victory. Next up: grad school.